Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pageant a Triumphant Success!

I can report that my church's children's Christmas pageant this year is not that bad. I guess only a really mean person could criticize a children's Christmas pageant, but I generally have to sit through it twice and there's a lot of room, during the longer songs, for my mind to wander. Usually the Theme of the Christmas pageant is something along the lines of "Stop text-messaging, kids, because Jesus is the reason for the season!" Last year one of the stars of the show threw up (twice!) during the performance, which at least gave us something to talk about and brought back fond memories of the Beaumont Junior High School Christmas program of 1981. This year, however, marks a new era in Christmas Pageants. The pageant is well-acted, the songs are short, and the Theme is, roughly, Hawaiians Celebrate Christmas, Too, a sentiment no one can object to. So it looks like I won't mind sitting through it again on Christmas Eve. By the way, if you start crying during a Hawaiian-themed Children's Christmas Pageant, it doesn't mean you're having a nervous breakdown or anything, does it?

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