Monday, June 3, 2013


The amount of light this time of year always causes me to wake up early.  Not wide awake, but in that state where you can go back to sleep or just lie there, thinking of various things, none of them very alarming.  There ought to be a name for that state.  Last year around this time I got up at 4:30 one morning, noticed it was getting light outside, and went back to bed wondering about what year the Battle of Waterloo was fought and if it was the 200th anniversary yet.  (Eventually I worked out that Waterloo was in 1815.)
This time of year in the desert is the last blossoming before the really hot heat begins.  It passes too quickly.  It always makes me think of Daisy's line in The Great Gatsby:  "Don't you always look for the longest day of the year, and then miss it?"

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