Monday, May 25, 2009

How to See the Elephant

I'm going to be posting some excerpts from my novel, How to See the Elephant. Briefly, it's about a girl who runs away from school to become a nurse during the Civil War. It runs about 140,000 words (no surprise I now have carpal tunnel syndrome) so what goes up will be brief. I welcome comments. No, seriously, I do.

How to See the Elephant is a completed work. Work in progress now is about a girl in 1920s Minnesota who is, to use the language of afterschool specials, "coming to terms" with her sexuality. (Boy, I'll have to think of better description when it comes time to write a query letter for that one.) Right now it's titled The Girl Who Didn't Bob Her Hair, but that may change. I expect to finish it by the end of summer 2009.

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