Friday, May 15, 2009

People Grow Things Here

Last fall I made a raised bed vegetable garden in the little rectangle between my driveway and my front porch. Over the winter I raised spinach, baby carrots and red onions. The spinach did well, the carrots were OK but a little small, even for babies, and the onions...well, I discovered after I planted them that there are 3 kinds of onions - "long day," "short day" and "intermediate day." I don't know which kind I planted (although the package was printed in 5 languages, including Russian and illiterate) but it must have been the wrong kind. Anyway, come spring I started again with cantaloupe, squash, basil and oregano.
Generally I never plant anything after April because if it doesn't have a strong root system when the heat comes it won't survive. The squash went in in March and for 3 weeks of terrible winds I nursed it along but now that it's in the 90s it is thriving, as is the cantaloupe. The shadecloth went up last week and right now everything looks good. Although everything always looks good in May.

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