Friday, January 22, 2010

The Rainy Season

The week before:
Did you hear? It's going to rain every day next week.
They said we might get four inches.
I don't believe it. It'll probably rain for half an hour and we'll get a tenth of an inch.

Day one:
It's raining.
Is it?
[The entire office assembles to look out the front window.] I hope it rains a lot. We can use it.
I love the rain.
So do I -- I love cuddling up under a blanket and hearing it on the roof.
Wow, it's really coming down now.
I hope it keeps up.
[an hour later, when someone comes in from outside] Is it still raining?

Days two- four:
Oh man, the roof's leaking.
Sorry I'm late -- 215 was flooded.
I hate the rain.
This is why I left Cleveland/Minnesota/England.
I wanted to stop by Walgreen's after work but I guess I won't since it's raining.
Did you see that accident? No one here knows how to drive in the rain.
We can use it, that's for sure.
It's freeeeeeeeeezing! I had to wear my winter coat!
Does anyone have an umbrella?
I don't know know if I'm going to be able to make it to Lake Las Vegas/Summerlin/Boulder City. The roads might be closed.
I hate the rain.

Day five, white clouds and bits of blue sky.
Did you see all the snow on the mountains? Aren't they gorgeous? Hey, I hear its going to be in the 70s next week.

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